opportunity, 22, olympia, and ultrafine extreme 400.

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3120 Breiler Epson006-EditThe State of Washington is divided into 49 districts, each district has one senator and 2 house representatives. I live in Olympia, which is included in District 22. One of the representatives for my district, Beth Doglio(D) has decided to run for Congress this year creating a vacancy for another Democrat to run for the statehouse seat. Enter Glenda Bleiler, a member of the Colville Confederated Tribe-Syilx. Last Sunday, with a few supporters, she announced her decision to run for the 22nd District House Seat. There is only one indigenous person in the house and none in the senate. Indigenous Peoples in the State account for about 2% of the population. I used the Nikon FA, along with the Nikon 1:2 and 28 1:2.8D Lens. I developed the film, ultrafine extreme 400, in HC-110(1:31) for 5 minutes @20C. I shot the film at box speed.

3120 Breiler Epson0103120 Breiler Epson0163120 Breiler Epson023-Edit3120 XE Glenda Breiler 004-Edit-Edit3120 XE Glenda Breiler 0163120 Breiler Epson008

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