seattle, march 5, kentmere 400@1600.

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3220 XE Kentmere Seattle 01-EditIt was a cool, cloudy day. I had my Nikon FM3a with the 50mm 1:2 lens attached. The city was very quiet. Many are working from home and I did not see many tourists on the street. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 12 minutes @20C. I used the simple formula of multiplying my development time at base ISO 2.25 times, a formula recommended by the Massive Development Chart.

3220 XE Kentmere Seattle 023220 XE Kentmere Seattle 04-Edit3220 Seattle FM3a Kentmere 1600 0143220 XE Kentmere Seattle 06-Edit3220 XE Kentmere Seattle 07-Edit


5 Replies to “seattle, march 5, kentmere 400@1600.”

  1. Great set of images, Steven. Based on the scans it would appear the 2.25 multiplier worked quite well for a two stop push. Do the negatives indicate the same? If so, I might start using that myself when pushing any 400 ASA film two stops in HC-110.

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    1. I am developing 2 other rolls of Kentmere 400 this week, one at box speed and the other a one-stop push. I will look to see how the negatives appear. I still have trouble reading negatives. If I see enough information I am satisfied. Perhaps I should invest in a densitometer. I am going to use the formula on 400TX to see if I can improve what I am getting now.


      1. Thanks. I look forward to hearing your evaluation after developing the other two rolls. A densitometer would be a nice tool to have, but they’re pretty expensive most of the time, and I’ve read vintage ones, due to their age and deteriorating parts, can provide unreliable results. Even if I had one, I’d always worry it was off.

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    1. I have heard that PMK Pyro is great for pushed film but I have not entertained trying it out. There was a winter 2-day workshop at Photo Center Northwest on the process but I did not take the class. Perhaps next year.


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