the pacific northwest, march 11, portra 400@800.

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3720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 01The Pacific Northwest is a land of clouds and trees, and intermittent rain. An area of flooded glacial valleys with a long history of human habitation. I was born in Los Angeles in 1951 and moved to the area in 2002. It took about 8 years to acclimate to the climate. Now I am uncomfortable with days over 75 degrees. Besides the State and Federal Properties, there is not much open land. Man here as elsewhere has been busy shaping the land to his needs. These shots were created with the Pentax 645N and 75mm 2.8 Lens. I used Kodak Portra 400 and pushed it one stop. The film was developed at Panda Lab in Seattle.

3720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 053720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 063720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 083720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 13-Edit3720 XE Portra 400 645N Hwy 3 101 16 (3)-Edit

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  1. I particularly like the fenced birches. First and foremost is the idea. But also the visual play of the horizontal banding of natural verticals and the imposed diagonals. You once used a term (which I’ve forgotten) for photographing the imposition of human construction on the natural world. I think it might be the most relevant reason for photography in today’s world.

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