tacoma, march 8, kentmere 400.

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3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001026-EditI rarely visit Tacoma. I think I have been there twice with a camera. A couple of months ago I discovered a film meetup group in Tacoma. I joined the group and met them on the 8th of March for a walk around the industrial and dock areas of the city. I have been to a few meetups of film photographers but I have rarely seen the diversity of equipment that the photographers of this group displayed. A couple of members had a working darkroom. I had my Nikon FM3a along with me with the Nikon 50mm 1:2 lens attached. I shot Kentmere 400 at box speed and developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 5 minutes, 30 seconds @20C. https://www.meetup.com/Tacoma-Film-Photography-Social-Club/

3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001024-Edit3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001031-Edit3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001028-Edit3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001036-Edit3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001029-Edit3520 Kentmere 400 Tacoma Meetup 001038-Edit

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    1. I am shooting a roll of HP5 and will see how that turns out. I have ordered 10 rolls of 400TX from b and h. I have rarely been happy with my results with that film but I have not given up. I have some D76 mixed up and will see if I like the look better.

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      1. Albuquerque is a pretty modest city, but the nearby mountains and the Rio Grande are nice and easy to get to. I think the Southwest environment is a particularly welcome experience for visitors from the damp, dark regions.

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