seattle, tmax 400, may 2016. 5516.

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5516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 04-EditThese images are from the 5th roll I shot in May of 2016. I do not have shooting information for these images but I think I must have pushed the roll one stop. I am not cataloging according to date as I do not have the specific date these images were recorded besides the fact that in the negative holder they are in the May 2016 group. So I give them the number 5 for May, 5 for the order in which they were scanned, and then the year, 16.

5516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 18-Edit5516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 14-Edit5516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 05-Edit5516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 175516 XE Tmax 400 Seattle 09This is me.

4 Replies to “seattle, tmax 400, may 2016. 5516.”

  1. Your images aren’t as dark anymore – were you making thinner negatives back then?
    And, so it was you with the Leica associating with lederhosen in the previous batch!
    Woman in the hat – – – totally late 60s/early ’70s look all around, a very pleasing aesthetic to my taste.

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    1. My exposures are better now. The image with the Leica in the post two days ago is of Bernhard Uhl. He let me borrow his camera as he took my camera and shot the image of me. I have 2 Voigtlander Rangefinders but not a Leica.


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