seattle, march 14, portra 800.

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3920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 22My last day. I have already shot the black and white roll on the Nikon FM3a. I now pull out the Nikon FA, with the Nikon 28 2.8D attached, loaded with Portra 800. I do not like the look as well as Portra 400 when pushed so when I run out of the film I will not buy it. I have no idea when I will return to the city, and when I do will things be the same. 3920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 06

3920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 13 copy3920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 053920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 173920 XE Seattle FA Portra 800 11 copy

3 Replies to “seattle, march 14, portra 800.”

  1. Nice photos, Steven. Interestingly, I’m the opposite of you. I vastly prefer the look of Portra 800 over 400, pushed or not. Portra 400, and 160 for that matter, are incredible film stocks from a technical perspective, without question, but the problem for me is that they don’t look the way film is supposed to look, at least in my mind. They’re just too perfect and their grain structure is too, well, structured. Ektar 100 at normal scan/print sizes suffers from the same problem, actually even more so. They just don’t have the character/beauty of older emulsions, nor does their grain show the level of organic randomness in size/shape that makes film look like film, and more importantly, feel like film. That’s just my opinion, and I’m sure it largely has to do with the available film stocks that were on the market as I was growing up. My favorite, still in production, color film today is ColorPlus 200 (rebadged VR200 from the 1980’s, most likely), hands down. I also like Fujicolor C200 quite a bit, but I really, really miss Superia 200. Portra 160/400, Ektar, PRO400H, etcetera are beautiful, but they’re all too “sterile and perfect” for my tastes, just like digital images are.

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    1. I am disappointed with Ektar 100. The only time I found it worked was when I shot it at 200 in 120 format, otherwise it looks digital. I will need to try ColorPlus 200 again. and
      I will review my findings about Portra 400 and 800 but I know Portra 160 is not something I like. Thank you for your comments, it gives me something to think about.

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      1. Absolutely. I’m looking forward to your future thoughts on Portra 400 and 800. Your posts and photos are always a joy to view. Thanks.

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