seattle, delta 400, october 2016. 10116.

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10116 645 Seattle Delta 400 008-EditThese images were captured with the Pentax 645N. I had the 75mm 2.8 Lens attached. I have not used medium format on the street for a couple of years. It is very difficult to be discrete with such a large camera. You have to become part of the festivities. It also helps that Pike Place Market was the setting. People are too busy trying to acclimate to the chaos.

10116 645 Seattle Delta 400 001-Edit10116 645 Seattle Delta 400 00210116 645 Seattle Delta 400 005 copy-Edit



4 Replies to “seattle, delta 400, october 2016. 10116.”

  1. Excellent work with that mf camera.
    I have done a little street work with tlr cameras. They tend toward the big and awkward too, but since the photographer is looking down into the waist-level finder, subjects don’t often take much notice.

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