olympia, april 26, fomopan 100.

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41020 Olympia Fomopan 100 013-EditI am surprised no one has said an unkind word to me or called the police. I am acquainting myself with all the residential areas of Olympia. I plan out my walks to cover a different area of the city each time. I stop at each house and look for something interesting. On this walk, I befriended a cat and we spent about 15 minutes discussing the world’s problems. He told me not to worry, we all die in the end. I developed the film in Rodinal(1:25) for 4 minutes @20C.

41020 Olympia Fomopan 100 00141020 Olympia Fomopan 100 005-Edit41020 Olympia Fomopan 100 004-Edit41020 Olympia Fomopan 100 00941020 Olympia Fomopan 100 00641020 Olympia Fomopan 100 010-Edit41020 Olympia Fomopan 100 011


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  1. Good wanders Steven. I’ve been combining my need to get out of the house with searching for photos for Instagram on almost-daily walks in our neighborhood. Not many people, but interesting cars, many vintage, and interesting houses, many appearing to be empty, or prime targets for replacement. And the weather is getting more inviting for walks before I settle into my basement desk.

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