seattle, tmax 400, june 2016. 6516.

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6516 Seattle Tmax 400 004I am in the month of June, of the year 2016, in my scanning adventures. I have lots of images on all sorts of film stock. I am not sure what else to say except I hope the lockdown ends soon so I can hit the road. I have trips to Eastern Oregon and perhaps Nevada planned. In the fall I hope to return to Death Valley. I will try to take care of the oil surplus and buy lots of stuff so we can return to normalcy. I will stay in hotels and sleep under the stars.

6516 Seattle Tmax 400 030-Edit6516 Seattle Tmax 400 0156516 Seattle Tmax 400 003-Edit6516 Seattle Tmax 400 027-Edit6516 Seattle Tmax 400 018-Edit6516 Seattle Tmax 400 020-Edit

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