elma gate road w, may 2, 400tx.

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5220 Elma Gate Road 400TX XE 05-Edit-2Elma Gate Road runs parallel to US 12, a highway that runs from Aberdeen, Washington, to Detroit, Michigan. This section of US 12 runs from Elma, Washington, to Grand Mound, Washington. I was looking for something to shoot that was not Olympia, so I got in the car and traveled 30 miles to Elma and then proceeded south along the Highway and found Elma Gate Road a few miles later. I had my Pentax 645N with the 75mm 2.8 Lens attached. I shot a roll of  400TX at 800 and developed the film with HC-110(1:31) for 4 minutes @20C. As with most rural highways, there were trains, farms, forests, rivers (Chehalis River), and No Trespassing signs.

5220 Elma Gate Road 400TX XE 08-Edit5220 Elma Gate Rd 400TX007-Edit5220 Elma Gate Road 400TX XE 10-Edit5220 Elma Gate Rd 400TX 012-Edit

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  1. Your post reminded me of my sleeping Pentax 645N, which I love… Perhaps this is a call!… Elma is “apple” in Turkish, by the way. Must be a coincidence.

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