seattle, may 2017, fomopan 400. 5117.

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5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 010-lightI am back downtown with my Pentax 645N, this time with the 45mm 2.8 Lens attached (28mm equivalent). Looking at the images I can see that stealth mode was not working that day. I was going up to everyone and creating the image and they saw me and reacted accordingly. I did not spend much time in street photography till 2013. I would meet with different photographers and go shooting the streets of Seattle. Most of them were shooting architecture and the ones shooting people were using 35mm lenses and setting up scenes. I could not do either very well. What I could do after getting comfortable with a shot or two is get close and get spontaneous images with no real plan or vision. Someday soon I will be back on the streets again. Perhaps now the images will always include a phone and a mask.

5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 002-light5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 005-light5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 001-light5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 011-light5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 017-light5117 Fomopan 400 Seattle 004-light

2 Replies to “seattle, may 2017, fomopan 400. 5117.”

  1. Nice series.
    > can see that stealth mode was not working that day
    Stealth mode with Pentax 645N :))
    Still, the people look pleased or at least intrigued… not irritated.

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    1. I keep my body language as neutral as possible when I shoot. Film cameras also add a spark of interest to those whom I am shooting. I do not I could capture some of these images with a black dslr.


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