seattle, may 2017, acros 100. 5217.

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5217 645 Acros 1I am thinking of using my Pentax 645N on the street when I return. The biggest problem is the weight of the camera. Now whether I can use Acros 100 II… that is another issue. You need a bright day. I would rather return with 400TX pushed 2 stops.

5217 645 Acros 45217 645 Acros 65217 645 Acros 7

2 Replies to “seattle, may 2017, acros 100. 5217.”

  1. I guess these were also shot using the 75mm. Then, the whole does not look more intimidating than a current “full frame” DSLR. Any plans to use the 645 again?

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    1. I plan to bring the camera downtown when things are opened up a bit more. Discretion will be used, street photography may take a few months to be easily done. I usually get close when I shoot.


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