east olympia, april 27, ektar 100 pushed.

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41120 XE Ektar Olympia 23-EditYes, I pushed Ektar 100. Otherwise, it is a film I cannot deal with. Others get good results at box speed but when I shoot it that way I am disappointed. Even when pushed I am not satisfied.  At least not on 35mm film. I shot these images on one of my local Olympia walks with the Nikon FA, with the 35mm F2D lens attached. I miss the walks in Seattle. I would walk from the International District to Capitol Hill to Seattle Center (Space Needle Location) and then Downtown, which includes Pike Place Market, an easy place to capture people. Now I walk among old neighborhoods of homes built before the 1950s. Most of them are beautiful compared to modern construction. The yards aren’t perfect, the trees large, and every home is an individual reflection of its owner. The atmosphere is peaceful and special.

41120 XE Ektar Olympia 1641120 XE Ektar Olympia 18-Edit41120 XE Ektar Olympia 10-Edit41120 XE Ektar Olympia 1141120 XE Ektar Olympia 0241120 XE Ektar Olympia 17

4 Replies to “east olympia, april 27, ektar 100 pushed.”

  1. Love this set of photos. Plain, simple, right amount of color. I’ve been trying to maintain a daily walk regimen, and using my phone to capture photos for Instagram. It’s been a good experience to keep looking, and improve my Snapseed skills 🙂 I’ve been walking our neighborhood, with gradually wider circles, but for the most part its a neighborhood much like the one you’ve capture here. I’m looking for vintage cars, “vintage” houses, and other oddities I find along the way. Its not urban, its not people, but its still street photography!

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