3217 XE Olympia Trump 645 08-EditSome were happy, Some were not. A Pro-Trump group was having a rally at Heritage Park, in Olympia. The group had a permit to use the park. The rally was a celebration of the recent election and inauguration of President Trump. Those not happy with President Trump’s election and the rally were also there. And between them were the Police. Most of the protestors of the event were Antifa, a group who are militantly opposed to what they believe is fascism and extreme right-wing ideology. Sometimes they wear masks to cover their identity, but at the event not all did. Most of what they did was make noise trying to shout down the speeches that were taking place. A couple did get arrested. The police did a great job and most at the event, on both sides, did not want trouble. These images were created with the Pentax 645N, with the 75mm 2.8 Lens attached.

3117 XE Olympia Trump 645 06-Edit3217 XE Olympia Trump 645 01-Edit3217 XE Olympia Trump 645 053217 XE Olympia Trump 645 10-Edit3217 XE Olympia Trump 645 14-Edit3117 XE Olympia Trump 645 05-Edit3217 XE Olympia Trump 645 09-Edit3117 XE Olympia Trump 645 08-Edit


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  1. As you might have guessed, I’m a big believer in free thought and free speech. Those are difficult in multicultural societies, but they can be achieved. As long as we can talk to each other instead of attacking each other, we’re doing better than most of human history.

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