olympia, june 1, nikon df.

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Every Monday I take a long walk throughout Olympia. I had reached the downtown area and was ready to go home when I saw them on the next block. They had protested the previous 2 days but both protests were at night. I had my Nikon Df with me so I went over and shot some images. At first they were wary of me but became more comfortable as the march progressed and stopped at City Hall.

Some wanted a peaceful demonstration while others a more aggressive one. This young man was for a peaceful demonstration.
He then turned and had a dialogue with the Police.
I did not stay for the whole event but was around when someone threw something in the direction of the Police and 2 canisters of tear gas were shot back.

I was treated well by Black Lives Matter and the Police. I want to thank them both for the opportunity to be at the event and create some images.

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