eastern oregon, may 27, 400tx.

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Eastern Oregon, a land of western juniper, sagebrush, barbed wire, cowboys and cattle,  BLM land, and conservative views. I plan to spend some time there in the coming months on the open land. I do not like campsites but do enjoy dispersed camping. No bathrooms, water, nothing but the wide-open spaces. The black and white images were created with the Nikon FA. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C. The color image was created with my Google Pixel 4XL.

The view from my campsite.

3 Replies to “eastern oregon, may 27, 400tx.”

  1. Is this public land where one can pitch camp as desired? I used to take tours of Ohio and surroundings in an old car, at night finding a field lane, pulling in away from the road, and putting a tarp over the top and side of the car, underwhich to sleep. Never had anybody tell me to leave or call police but I always worried about it. It’s a nice way to travel if you can make it work.

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    1. Yes it is. There is private land in the area also but it is signed and fenced for the most part. There are maps of BLM land and that is how I find the areas. I go off the main road, usually via a dirt road and find a spot and set up my tent.

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