I am not convinced, july 9, 400tx.

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My sons do not agree with me. My grandchildren do not agree with me. They believe racism underlies many of the interactions between the police and black men and I do not. It may be that the majority of Americans believe my children are right but that does not make me wrong, and politics has made it a difficult subject to have a civil discussion about. I want every American to look for themselves at crime statistics and make their own decision. 

These images were captured in Olympia, Washington, with the Pentax 645N, loaded with Kodak 400TX, which I shot at 800 and developed in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes, 45 seconds @20C.

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  1. What disappointingly amazes me about all of this is that the actions of a small few who murder and cheat is used to characterize the entirety of a population. That applies to (an this is not an exhaustive list of course) travelling/exploring Europeans in the 16th century, Catholics and Protestants, the descendents of people brought here from Africa, people who wear blue uniforms, the economically deprived of America’s FlyOver zone (i.e. Hillary’s Basket), immigrants seeking a better life, and the wealthy oligarchy in the nation’s financial and governing centers.

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