olympia, july 29, 400tx.

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I am leaving Monday for the Oregon Desert. I rarely visit the desert in summer but this year warrants an early arrival. I have trips planned also for September, October-November, and hopefully January when Death Valley will be on the agenda. This month I have shot lots of film but with no real intention or project. I am shooting just to keep up the habit. I take my walks, or bike rides and just shoot anything that might capture my interest. These images were shot with the Nikon FM3a with the 28mm and 40mm Voigtlander lenses attached, and developed in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C.

3 Replies to “olympia, july 29, 400tx.”

    1. This is 400TX. Perhaps the short development time makes it look different. Most people use longer times in solution B. I am not gifted to see the nuances in different films except the grain they might display.


      1. Wow, I was guessing Fomapan. Of course my experience is limited – since my return to film a few years ago, everything gets developed in D76 by the book, no experiments. (It was that way, except for Microdol, rather than D76, when I was younger). So while I don’t have the words to explain the texture and bouquet of the images, I believed I could see TriX vs. F100 vs. K100 or FP4. Maybe not.

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