I’ve spent too much time in Oregon. I still have 3 rolls of film to develop and post. These shots were captured in May of this year but they could not be posted until now because the film was sent to dr5CHROME (http://dr5.us/blackandwhiteslide/filmreviewdev1.html) in the first week of June and I received it back a couple of days ago. When they process black and white film they create positives, not negatives. The positives did not look good. They were very light with no contrast. The receipt said the Pancro 400 film was defective. On their website they say they are no longer developing the film. So I do not know if the process does not work with the film or if the film itself was responsible. There were a few images I thought I could salvage so I loaded them into Lightroom and Photoshop and you can see the results. The images were created with the Nikon FM3a but I seem not to have written down the lens I used.

Someday I will be back on the street in Seattle. Till then you will find me alone on the desert with my camera.

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