I walk through Olympia about twice a week. This time of year it will usually be raining. On this walk it was dark and raining so I loaded 400tx into my Nikon N75, with the Nikon 50mm 1.8G lens attached, and pushed the film two stops. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 6 minutes @20C. I will take you with me and explain what I am shooting. This first image was taken next to a homeless camp. Any open area in Olympia is targeted by the homeless and tents are set up. The city government does not have the will to prevent this and in many cases will set up portable toilets at the camps. People stop by and drop off canned goods and other foodstuffs and this is what you see here.

I am now up to Evergreen Park Drive and see this old Ford van in an apartment parking lot. The light color contrasted with the surrounding environment so I thought it might be interesting. I usually do not go on private property to get my shots but this time I did.

I am now on Black Lake Boulevard and walking by my former gym. This bike rack is in front of 24 Hour Fitness. It has closed this year and filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

I stopped by the Post Office to drop off some Christmas Cards and noted in the parking lot in back some food on the curb. The white cups had take out along with the other container and of course there was the necessary chips and water. While taking the photo someone yelled to my left and I saw a young man approaching and telling me that was his food. From his demeaner and dress it was apparent he was homeless and had other issues besides. I told him I just wanted the photo and he smiled and asked if I wanted to share the food with him.

I now went up to the Capitol to see if things were quiet. They were so I just walked up the steps and took the image above.

I’ve walked almost 5 miles by this time and could take the bus home but decide to keep on walking. Our buses in Olympia are free. You just get on and ride and as long as you wear a mask you are welcome.

As I got near my home I noted in a field a blue tarp covering a large mound. I lifted up the tarp and found cans and bottles presumably being saved to recycle for money except that in Thurston County there is no place to do that. I think we are done now. I can go inside and have some hot coffee and relax.

3 Replies to “olympia, december 17, 400tx @1600.”

  1. I like #3 (the bike rack). The impact of the other photos is more emotional than visual. How did one of the happiest and richest countries in history end up with so many homeless people living in squalor? Whatever we think are the reasons, America does not have to be this way. It should not be this way. But perhaps in order to have a dawn, we must have a night that comes before it. I hope that the dawn comes soon.

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    1. The solutions have become politicized so nothing is happening. There is a large camp in view of the Capital. The Governor and Legislators can sit in their offices in warmth and look out the window at the homeless living in tents amidst the mud in the city.

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