washington street. january 30. kodak t-max p3200.

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We are now on Washington Street in Downtown Olympia, standing in front of the old Capitol Building that served the state until 1928.

As you continue down the street you will find a business that will cater to your every need. You may even have the opportunity of watching graffiti being created.

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts offers Culture to the local scene. The city is looking forward to the time it can reopen.

If you need a local bus or use Greyhound just keeping walking north and you will find the Transit Center.

The street has its rough edges, and you may find homeless people sleeping in doorways of closed businesses, but I find the downtown to be a worthwhile and exciting visit.

These images were created with the Nikon FM3a, with the Nikon 50 1.8E Lens attached. The film used was Kodak T-Max P3200 which I shot at 1600 and developed in HC-110(B) for 9 minutes, 15 seconds, @20C.

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  1. All wonderful photos, as usual. I confess that my favorite has less to do with the photo than with the subject: the barber shop. It looks just like Mr. Wicker’s barber shop around the corner from my father’s office when I was a little boy. I have happy memories of going there with my father to get haircuts.

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