5 rolls of film. Roll 2. 400TX

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I am sitting in the middle of the highway. I am sitting there because I can. There is little traffic and very few people. Few enough that when you encounter someone you might say “Hello”, or wave, and they will reciprocate. This is why I love the desert, and particularly the Great Basin. The area is so vast that our personal lives are exposed as insignificant. Pride and tribalism are not important.

I wake up around 7 and make a cup of coffee. I take an hour with that cup of coffee, listening to the morning sounds of birds and other creatures. I then check all the fluids, add oil or windshield wiper fluid if needed, and travel a slow 150 to 200 miles to another location. Toward evening I pull off the highway and set up camp.

I did not eat in restaurants on the trip. I have a refrigerator and can create a variety of simple menu items.

I wonder if I could live in the desert. I should get a place in the desert for a month in the summer to see if I can tolerate the heat. If I decided to live there would it be in a small home in Delta, Utah, or a place all by itself miles from any town?

I will be 70 in July. The Northwest does not have a strong hold on me.

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