kirsop road. july 6. 400tx.

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If you choose to visit the Olympia-Tumwater area and plan to walk outside of downtown be careful. The walks can be beautiful but also dangerous. Many streets have no sidewalks or shoulders.

On Kirsop Road you will find wetlands, some homes, and a few gardens. It was a bright, sunny day, so I decided to shoot the roll at F16. I developed the film in Rodinal.

At the end of the walk, I checked out an abandoned railroad right of way. On the map, this goes for miles and is not set up as a trail but is walkable.

4 Replies to “kirsop road. july 6. 400tx.”

      1. Please send pix…my favorite camera subject years ago before I left Ohio. NE transport corridors are too masked or covered to be practical subjects for me.


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