seattle. september 4. t-max 400.

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I moved earlier in the year and may move again. The place I live now is one of the worst places I have ever lived. There are barking dogs, traffic noises, neighbors who avoid eye contact, corporate management, and now the industrial building next door is running a new machine with bearing problems. I have excellent hearing, which means I am not sleeping well now. I am a month away from leaving for one of my desert trips, with the quiet I attain on such journeys. If I move, I have several choices, Los Angeles, where most of my family lives, the Nevada desert, and face cold winters that will keep me in bed until noon, or Boise, Idaho, where Karen wants to move. For these images, I used the Nikon FM3a, with the Voigtlander 28mm and 90mm Lenses attached.  The film was pushed two stops and developed in HC-110(B) for 7 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C.

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  1. Sure seems like a lot of unhappy overweight humans. I was advised many years ago by a guy who led a long happy productive live that surrounding oneself with people one enjoys is not just a source of satisfaction but is also a responsibility. I happen to agree. These images are evocative of a need to move on.

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  2. Having traveled to Eastern Washington, Idaho, Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin this summer, everyone I met along the way could have felt right at home in your photos 😉. If you’re looking for disagreeable folks, you’ll find them wherever you go. If you’re looking for agreeable folks, they’re there too. You may also find folks just like you! Best of luck with your decisions, just make sure you can find film.

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