I was born in Hollywood over 70 years ago, in 1951. Most of my family still lives in the Los Angeles area. I left town in 2002. I occasionally return and walk the streets. I look for a star with my name. After a few hours, I give up and say, “perhaps next time.”

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  1. Even Hollywood shows evidence of the alien preparations for How To Serve Man.

    Candids/street is showing something different than it did when I first started looking at your images…is it the subject or the photographer?

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    1. Most of the change you see is probably mine. After a few more visits to the city, we will know if it is from a lack of shooting the subject matter or if I have changed my motives in creating the images. I do not have a mentor who asks me why I am doing this or that or why I chose to display a particular picture, and I do not have a purpose or plan in mind when shooting the streets. I am not going to create a book or anything else that would have lasting value.


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