bayview and mimzie trail. september 9. fomapan 400.

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I arrive at the trailhead late in the morning. It is a Thursday, the weather is good. I see one other car, so I know I will have the trail to myself. I have the All Trails app on my phone and will be using it for guidance. The course is a combination of roads and paths through thick forest. There is the usual sign at all trailheads here. We have people who believe that cars at trailheads are good opportunities to enrich themselves.

The roads are good areas to daydream on the mysteries of life while you hope no one is breaking into your car.

You come across open areas that have brilliant sunshine and low-lying shrubs, with a few trees. These areas are courtesy of power lines in the area.

Now I come upon an opening in the heavy forest to my right.

The sign tells me this is a segment of the Bayview Trail. It looks dark and enchanting–a world where light is precious.

We are led to another road further up in elevation. The trail would stick to this road and then deviate into simple paths into the forest.

I was getting tired and decided to turn around. There was a viewpoint nearby that gave me a good vista of the area. The area of water is a finger of the Puget Sound.

On the way back to the car, I stopped by Kennedy Creek. In a few weeks, thousands of salmon and a few thousand people will return for a ritual that has occurred for thousands of years.

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