GAR cemetery. september 26. 400tx.

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In about 1895, five Grand Army Posts in Seattle established this cemetery for the Civil War heroes of 1861-65. In 1922, city council turned the care and maintenance of the cemetery over to the Parks Department. The volunteer group Friends of the GAR have been active in caring for the cemetery. The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery is located in the north of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. 526 graves and a monument memorialize veterans of the Civil War. A small green space lies adjacent to the memorial site. (

Some of those interred…

Edward Lind and the Iron Brigade were highlighted on the bulletin board.

There is a directory to help find each hero in the Cemetery.

I became interested in visiting the Cemetery after reading a blog that highlights the history of Seattle..

2 Replies to “GAR cemetery. september 26. 400tx.”

  1. Thank you for documenting this cemetery, and sharing. It’s important we continue to pay respect to those that came before us, and that we don’t forget their sacrifices. I’m very glad to see this cemetery appears to be well-maintained. It’s a travesty how many no longer are.

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  2. Lovely photos, Steven. A friend passed this post along to me this morning. If you’re interested, there will be a free walking tour at the GAR cemetery Saturday Oct 9th at 1pm.

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