i did not buy a camera. october 2. t-max p3200.

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Last Saturday, the Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society held their annual sale and swap for vendors and members. Due to the Pandemic, the previous show was in the Spring of 2019. There was everything from 35mm to Large Format Cameras, with every accessory one can imagine. I have seven film cameras, and that is enough.


2 Replies to “i did not buy a camera. october 2. t-max p3200.”

  1. Strong work. And I am recognizing the discipline of age.

    I’m downsizing, the goal collection being my Dad’s Signet 35 (which I was able to use today, first pictures in weeks), his F, my own first bought camera (a Nikkormat), the S2, a beater EL, a Vito II and an Ikoflex. The camera is the instrumental prelude to the process and so must be chosen with care.

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