no spring trip. march 27. 400tx.

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It is Springtime. In the past, that meant a trip to the desert and sleeping under the stars. This year I canceled the trip. I have an Achilles tendon issue that is not responding well to treatment, so walking has been difficult. Besides photography, hiking is an integral part of the trip. I can still ride a bike. There is some discomfort, but ice afterward takes care of it. These images are from a bike ride last Saturday. I took along the Pentax 645N with the 75 1:2.8 Lens attached. I ride through the area, and if something catches my interest, I stop and create an image.

Tumwater and Olympia create an excellent cycling experience in the developed areas. In the less developed regions, there are no shoulders or bike lanes. So far, people have been patient and slowed down and passed.

In 20 years I wonder how many trees not in protected areas will survive.

Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill requiring all cars sold, purchased, or registered of the model year 2030 and after must be electric vehicles.

While homeless tents are everywhere, some work is being done to discourage further growth.

A collector vehicle that is no longer worthy of any collection.

The bike I now have was bought at this location 12 years ago, replacing a stolen bike. The Bike Shop went out of business 6 years ago.

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