baseball. tumwater, wa. nikon Zfc.

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It’s time for baseball. Until 2002 I lived in Los Angeles. I was a Dodger fan. I would attend games every week. The tickets and food were affordable, and the weather was great. You would find my Sons and me sitting on the top deck with Cokes and Dodger Dogs. I attend little league and pony league games in the Olympia area to get my baseball fix now.

The Nikon Zfc is a recent acquisition. Here it is shown with the TTArtisans 35 1:1.4 Lens, which retails for $83.

2 Replies to “baseball. tumwater, wa. nikon Zfc.”

  1. Great photos, not only for the pictures themselves but for the pleasant memories they inspire. As a kid, I saw that scoreboard (or its equivalent) many times. My father’s secretary was married to a professional baseball player, so he got me a major league bat that I used in games. It was almost as big as I was, but it gave me confidence, like a lucky bottle cap. Good times. Great pix!

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    1. When I visit my Sons in Los Angeles, we occasionally go to a ballgame. It is not the same as before. Hundreds of dollars for tickets and food make it less enjoyable, especially for one that budgets money.


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