the great basin in black and white. fantome 8. roll #6.

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I ordered several rolls of black and white film from Lomography late last year. One of the rolls was Fantome Kino 8. With an ISO rating of 8, I reserved the film for my trip to the Great Basin, where light is abundant.

I metered the scenes with my Pentax Spotmeter. The camera I used, the Nikon FM3a, only meters to 12 ISO.

I developed the film in Rodinal (1:50) for 8 minutes. The film scans well after a bit of wrestling with the curling that occurs after development.

I’ve ordered 3 rolls from B and H. I want to use it in forest and beach situations. I will be unable to avoid using a tripod in the Northwest, where I live.

The Great Basin encompasses 200,000 square miles. It is primarily an empty land with isolated impressions of homo sapiens.

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