the great basin in black and white. fomapan 100. roll #7.

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I purchased my first computer sometime in the 90s. I have always bought a Windows PC. The Window machines were a better buy than Apple products for similar performance, so the choice was easy. That is no longer true. I bought a Mac Mini this month. A Windows equivalent machine would have cost more. While the editing in Lightroom and Photoshop was great, scanning the images and working with WordPress on the new device has been difficult. Perhaps I will learn in time.

The roll of Fomapan 100 was shot using the Nikon N90s and developed in Rodinal (1:25) for 4 minutes @20C,

6 Replies to “the great basin in black and white. fomapan 100. roll #7.”

  1. I switched to mac about 10 years ago and have had 2 computer. My latest one needs replacing and I will stick with apple despite the prices.
    Your photos are lovely by the way 😀

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  2. Nice photos, Steven. Hopefully your new Mac Mini will serve you well and you’ll get your scanning/WordPress processes with it figured out and streamlined. I liked Macs way back in the day (decades ago), but have not cared for them since about the time the first iPod was introduced. That said, I liked the early iPods.

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      1. When has Windows as an operating system *not* given people problems? 😉 I think Windows XP, once Service Pack 2 was released, was the best version of Windows there has ever been or likely ever will be. Everything before and since was/is a total mess as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully Mac OS will ultimately give you fewer fits.

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