a walk in the city. fp4 plus. june 10.

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I walk four times a week. Most of the time I take a camera. The shots I capture are random. If something interests me, I may stop, compose the subject in the viewfinder, and take home what I saw.

I have rarely shot Ilford FP4 Plus. I had two choices for the development of the film. Either I use HC-110 or Rodinal. The standard dilutions of both require 9 minutes to develop. The time seemed long, and I thought it might increase contrast to an uncomfortable level.

Next time I will use HC-110 at a dilution rate of 1:15, which would require a development time of 4 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C.

I used Silverfast 9 with the Epson V850 to scan the images onto my MacMini computer. When I previously worked with a PC, I would also use the Epson software to scan and compare the results. At this time, Epson does not make a driver for the scanner that works with negatives on macOS.

If you visit the fine city of Olympia, keep your eyes on the ground. The sidewalks can be dangerous. A few times, I have taken a fall because my head was in the clouds.

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  1. I love FP4 PLUS. It’s one of my favorite B&W film stocks, if not my favorite. It’s incredibly versatile. I hope you’re starting to get your scanning processes ironed out using your new Mac. It looks like you are.

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