4th of july. centralia, wa. portra 800.

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The City of Centralia has a population of 18,183. It is located midway between Seattle and Portland along Interstate 5. The city was founded in 1875 by George Washington, a son of a black slave. (https://www.cityofcentralia.com/433/History) In the past lumber, coal, and agriculture dominated the economy. Today, the city depends on tourism, lodging, and food services.

These images were from the 4th of July parade this year. Local businesses, exotic cars, and local political candidates dominated the parade. There were no marching bands or clowns. I love marching bands and clowns.

These images were created with the Nikon FM3a, loaded with Kodak Portra 800. The film was developed by Panda Lab in Seattle and scanned using VueScan software on my Mac Mini.

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