a new nikon n75. olympia, wa. kentmere 400. october 20.

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Nikon D75 with Nikon 28mm 2.8D Lens.

Last Tuesday morning, I reviewed the cameras I would take on my California trip. Two things I was missing. An autofocus 85mm lens and a small, lightweight film camera. The camera needed to have autofocus.

Nikon N75 with Nikon 85 1.8D Lens.

I have a lightweight camera, the Nikon N75, but I broke it some time ago. I checked KEH and saw they had one for $28.77. I also noticed they had a Nikon 85 1.8D lens.

Nikon AF NIKKOR 85mm F/1.8 D Autofocus Lens {62} – With Caps – BGN246588-204886Ordered 1$205.48
Nikon N75 Silver 35mm Camera Body – Surface Sticky – EX247132-1812339Ordered 1$28.77

Nikon N75 with Nikon 85 1.8D Lens

I went ahead and ordered both items. I paid $40 to overnight the order so I would have time to shoot a roll and develop it to make sure everything worked.

Nikon N75 with 85 1.8D Lens

The Camera and Lens were in beautiful shape and worked great.

Nikon N75 with Nikon 85mm 1.8D Lens

Nikon N75 with 85 1.8D Lens

Nikon N75 with 28 2.8D Lens

I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 5 minutes, 15 seconds, @20C.

Nikon N75 with Nikon 28 2.8D Lens

3 Replies to “a new nikon n75. olympia, wa. kentmere 400. october 20.”

  1. It looks like you put together a nice kit with this camera/lens combo. I haven’t had much experience with Nikon film cameras. The only one I ever used for any appreciable amount of time was the N80S. I checked one out from a college for a film course I took back in the day. At the time it was still a pretty new camera, and I actually liked using it quite a bit. The main thing that has kept me from ever venturing back into film Nikons is the relatively expensive glass when compared to other camera systems. You can find good deals on the camera bodies, but the lens price tags tend to not be so friendly.

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    1. Oh, I forgot to ask you something about the N75. Does it have the option to imprint the exposure information between frames like the N80S and some other Nikons do? If so, have you tried that function and does it work well? Is the imprinted text nice and well-defined?

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