kodak t-max 400@640. diafine developer. olympia, wa.

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It was a cloudy day. It was a rainy day. It was a sunny day. The Pentax 645 was loaded with Kodak T-max 400. The recommended exposure index is 640 if you develop the film in Diafine. I will, in the future, push the film further to see how it reacts with the developer.

The image above shows my tendency to incorporate New Topographics in my pictures. A dark, primeval, untouched forest and our attempt to make the area habitable.

So far, I have developed 4 different film stocks in Diafine. All the results have been acceptable. When preparing to develop the film, I check the developer’s temperature. It has been 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius for every development.

Today I shot a roll of Kentmere 400 in the new 120 format at 800. I will post the results early next week.

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