kentmere 400@800. diafine developer. olympia, wa.

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A few months ago, Ilford announced they would offer the Kentmere 100 and 400 films in 120 format. I purchased 5 rolls of Kentmere 400 for under $5 at Cinestill ( These are images from the first roll I shot. I pushed the film one stop and developed the film in Diafine.

Notice the serpent being trampled upon. The Catholic church interprets the Woman in Genesis 3:15 as Mary, whose seed (Jesus) will destroy the devil.

I shot the film with the Pentax 645N and the Pentax 75mm 1:2.8 Lens attached. I scanned the negatives with the Epson V850 using the Epson software. The images look okay, but you can choose whether Diafine does well. I shot a roll of Kentmere 400@1600 on Saturday. I will develop the roll in the morning and post the results a couple of days later.

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