kentmere 400@1600. diafine developer. olympia, wa.

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It is Saturday, New Year’s Eve. I take out the Pentax 645 and go downtown. I will push Kentmere 400 two stops and see how well the film and Diafine work together.

There is very little sunlight, but pushing the film has given me some usable images.

I used the Epson V850 scanner with the Epson software to digitize the negatives. I tried Silverfast and Vuescan, but they were not giving me good results.

I went to the Farmer’s Market to capture images of people and fruit but found it closed.

The next logical step is to try shooting the film at ISO 3200. These results show the film is usable in Diafine with a 2-stop push. Perhaps a 3-stop push will be successful also.

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