stop the airport. fomapan 400. diafine developer.

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This is the second roll of film I shot at the Airport Protest last week. It is the 16th roll of film I have developed in the same solution of Diafine.

I shot half of the roll at 400 ISO, and I pushed the film 1 stop for the other half. I do not recommend pushing the film. The makers of Diafine only recommend using Fomapan 100 with a 1 stop push.

I used the Nikon FM3a to capture these images, with either the Nikon 50mm 1:1.8E or the Voigtlander 28mm 1:2.8 Lens attached.

While developing film using Diafine is easy, scanning the film has been difficult. I used 2 different scanners and 3 software programs to digitize these images. I do not know if it is a problem with the negatives the developer produces or me. There were other photographers at the event. I was the only one not using a zoom lens.

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