stop the airport. 400tx@1250. diafine developer.

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Seatac Airport is the only International Airport in the Puget Sound Area. At present growth rates, the Airport will need help by the year 2040 (

Various sites have been proposed in Thurston County, where I reside, and Pierce County, north of us. On Wednesday, multiple groups voiced opposition to the proposed sites (

I took 2 cameras to the protest, the Nikon N75, loaded with Kodak 400TX, and the Nikon FM3a, loaded with Fomapan 400. Both rolls of film were developed in Diafine. These are the images from the roll of Kodak 400TX. The pictures on Fomapan will be displayed in a couple of days.

I had trouble scanning the negatives with the Epson V850. I retrieved the PrimeFilm XE scanner out of storage and successfully digitized the negatives with the Vuescan software.

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