people of seattle. ilford hp5+@800. diafine.

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It is Saturday, February 5th, of the year 2023. I drove from Olympia to the nearest Light Rail Station and took the train to Downtown Seattle. The primary goal of my visit was to visit the Chinatown-International District (

I took the Nikon FM3a with 3 lenses, a 28mm 1:2.8D, a 50mm 1:2, and the 75-150 1:3.5 Series E Lens.

I brought 2 rolls of film. These images are from the roll of Ilford HP5+ pushed 1 stop and developed In Diafine. This was the 19th roll I developed in the same solution.

The restaurants and street vendors provided food fitting the occasion, but there is one favorite worldwide.

With all the people busy with the festivities, it was easy to capture images. I left to spend some time at Pike Place Market to finish the roll.

After this last image, I loaded the camera with a roll of Kodak 400TX. I was going to develop it in HC-110(B), but I have changed my mind. The roll will be the 20th in Diafine.

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