people of seattle. 400tx@800. #21 in diafine.

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These images are from the second roll I shot last Saturday. Both the Ilford and Kodak films performed similarly with Diafine development.

With the Kodak 400TX loaded, I used the Nikon 28mm 1:2.8D and the Nikon 50mm 1:2 lenses. I scanned the film with the PrimeFilm XE film scanner.

One Reply to “people of seattle. 400tx@800. #21 in diafine.”

  1. I’m loving this experiment of Diafine. 21 is pretty impressive with these results showing the level of consistency. I tap on at least one image now to enlarge and really check out detail. Grain and detail is fantastically controlled in the all the type of study choices you choose to take. Also got to mention the photographer skill in how you take and choose your images. Your style, framing and thoughtful inclusions themselves. Always great to witness. This is a really nice close up social study. All the best.


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