fujifilm 200. january 20. olympia, washington.

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I have shot 3 rolls of color film this year.

Though most of my work is done with black and white film, I love shooting in color.

Whenever I walk through a forest or cycle through a neighborhood, colors capture my interest.

In a forest where green dominates, you learn how many hues of green there are.

These images were captured with the Nikon N90s and developed at Panda Lab in Seattle. The negatives were digitized with the Epson V850, with its proprietary software.

3 Replies to “fujifilm 200. january 20. olympia, washington.”

  1. You take photographs well in colour. Trying it a couple of times I failed. I never noticed you mention in your posts when reading whether you use a colour filter when you take black and whites. You mentioned the variety of greens here. Hence my interest in your looking at colours and determining results. My brother in law always used a professional lab when submitting his colour films way back when. In order to get decent print copies. No negative scanners in those days. Can you currently send colour film to any high street developing source and still get good results like these through the use of decent negative scanners? All the best.

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    1. I do not use filters for black and white film. I do send my color film to a lab but do not have them scan the negatives. The cost is prohibitive and results vary. Each film has a particular color palette and the only way I can assure results is to scan them myself.

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