kentmere 400(120)@800-3200. olympia, wa. diafine #22.

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8@1/125 ISO 1600.

These images were captured on one of my famous walks throughout the city. I adjusted the ISO either to help create the image or to see how it would look after development.

5.6@1/125 1600 ISO.

I stopped by the Post Office to mail some cards.

5.6@1/125 800 ISO.

We have an Ace Hardware a few blocks from my home. Home Depot is cheaper but not as convenient.

3.5@1/125 1600 ISO.

The Mall has landscaping surrounding it, giving us a hint of what it replaced.

8@1/60 1600 ISO

A Self-Portrait.

5.6@1/125 3200 ISO

Western Red Cedar

5.6@1/500 800 ISO

I should have captured these two images at 400 ISO for comparison.

8@1/500 800 ISO

I used the Pentax 645, with the 75mm 1:2.8 Lens attached. I developed the film in my original solution of Diafine. I scanned the negatives with the Epson V850, using the VueScan software.

One Reply to “kentmere 400(120)@800-3200. olympia, wa. diafine #22.”

  1. Your photographs get the thoughts going again. I just wrote a blog on chaos in life at times. To get some camera work underway again would be amazing. So it is good to tap into your work for motivation. Interesting re: Epson scanner. Years upon years ago used an Epson flatbed for both the 35 and 125 formats. That was until I upgraded the laptop and Windows and no ability to use said scanner as too old a system. Wouldn’t recognise the format support tool. No amount of searching for alternative add on support tools to upload could be found. I still have the Pentax 645 with the small digital right side information window and a 1:2.8 75mm lens. Need some decent AA batteries to start her up again. So it is really good, as said, to see great results that inspire. When life calms a little……🤞🏼. Thanks for the insights. All the best.

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