ilford hp5+@400. kaiser woods. diafine #23.

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I shot a roll of Ilford HP5+ at box speed with my Nikon FA. I wanted to see if the developer could be used with the film, whether I pushed the film or not. I had the Voigtlander 40mm 1:2 Lens attached.

I suppose I should come to some conclusion after developing the negatives. I will need to shoot the film and develop it in HC-110(B) to decide.

High-contrast scenes were a problem to edit. I am not sure I can blame the developer. You can come to your own conclusions.

Generally, film developed in Diafine will need a contrast boost. I spent more time than usual with this roll to decide what contrast settings would work.

This is the 23rd roll of film I have developed in the same solution of Diafine. ( The negatives were scanned with the PrimeFilmXE film scanner.

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