olympic peninsula. fomapan 100@200. diafine #42.

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Olympia, where I live, is on the southern border of the Olympic Peninsula Region. It is an area of thick forests, many of which are farmed to provide us with homes and other wood products. It also includes Olympic National Park, where the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest are left to flourish without human intervention.

These images are from the Olympic National Forest, a region I hope to explore further as Spring progresses.

You will find small towns, numerous fire service roads giving access to dispersed camping, a few areas still with Old Growth forests, and logging trucks that ride your rear bumper if you drive a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban.

Many roads from the past have been abandoned. All that is left is blocks of concrete along Highway 101. Looking beyond these barriers, you see that the forest has reclaimed the area.

I created these images with the Mamiya 4B Rangefinder. I scanned the images with the PrimeFilm XEs, using VueScan software.

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