beef day at the capitol. 400tmax@1000. diafine #41.

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Input-output analysis was used to estimate the indirect effects that result from the beef industry’s input purchases, labor, and profits. The total economic contribution of the beef industry to Washington is $4.686 billion (,to%20Washington%20is%20%244.686%20billion.).

Every Spring, during Washington State’s Legislative Session, the Beef Industry hosts a lunch at the Capitol. A reminder to the Legislators of the importance of the Industry in the State (

It was a typical day in Western Washington, cool and wet.

These images were shot with the Nikon FM3a, with the Voigtlander 40mm Ultron 1:2 Lens attached. The negatives were scanned with the PrimeFilmXEs film scanner, using VueScan software. I had a serving of the beef, but not as a sandwich, and certainly with no barbecue sauce.

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