west olympia on tmax400. pentax 645. april 13. diafine #43.

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From October through June, you must bring something to help you keep out the rain. I usually bring some type of rain jacket with me. Last Thursday, I decided I did not need a rain jacket. The sun was shining; it was a mild 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thirty minutes into the walk, a dark cloud made its appearance. Then the wind started up. The temperature dropped. I saw a convenience store with some protection out front. I ran (as much as a 72-year-old man could) and found safety.

The rain settled down after about 30 minutes to a drop or two at a time. I could shoot some images without getting soaked.

I have two Pentax 645 cameras. The manual focus version, the 645, and the autofocus 645N. I have not used the cameras much, so it is time to get them out and create some work with them.

Olympia still has undeveloped areas where the big trees dominate. The area would be beautiful except for the refuse that is everywhere. I understand enforcement is impossible, but is it possible to create a culture where we are proud of where we live and will do our part to keep it clean.

The work of Woodpeckers is impressive. One of the most impressive species that enjoys urban forests here is the Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus). https://wdfw.wa.gov/species-habitats/species/dryocopus-pileatus#desc-range

I shot the film at box speed and developed it in Diafine. Using Epson’s proprietary software, I scanned the negatives with the Epson V850 scanner.

4 Replies to “west olympia on tmax400. pentax 645. april 13. diafine #43.”

  1. Ha! Murphy’s law with the rain, right? I’m glad you made it to cover without getting soaked. Regarding the culture today and people’s total lack of respect for nature and their surroundings, it’s really sad, to say the least. It’s particularly bad among younger people. The irony is these people buy into all the nonsensical, political “green” initiative deceptions and will regurgitate all that garbage all day long, praising policies which *allegedly* protect the environment, but then they turn around and treat the entirety of the outdoors like it’s their own personal dump. People today seem to altogether lack common sense. They also seem to be more self-centered and obsessed with self-gratification than any prior generations, by a huge margin. It really is pathetic. And, unfortunately, based on what I’ve seen, I’d say your neck of the woods (Washington and Oregon) are particularly bad in this regard. Take care, Steven.

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  2. Lovely detail with 645 size negatives. Dumping or Fly Tipping is also bad in our rural vicinity at times. They have cameras in the woodland areas to catch culprits. Love your descriptive inclusions re: subjects taken. They add to the overall holistic feel of your uploads. And rain! Here in Wales it is notorious too. But the resulting green of the valleys is glorious. All the best.

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