people of seattle. 400tx@800. april 18. diafine #44.

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I woke up Tuesday to the sound of rain. I got up, dressed, and looked outside. It was still raining. I made a cup of coffee, ate breakfast, and looked outside. It was still raining. I checked the weather in Seattle. It was raining there also. I had already purchased the tickets for the Amtrak 500 late morning train, so I got my camera bag and drove to the station. I arrived in Seattle in the early afternoon. The rain had stopped. I got my camera out, walked from the King Street Station to 1st Avenue, and started walking north. This image of the couple is the first image I captured. It is essential to get the first shot done. After that, the rest is easy. I thought I had caught them holding hands at the same distance from each other.

I am now completely immersed in my work. The camera is in my hands, ready at a moment’s notice. I see these two gentlemen walking across the street. I wanted them right before me, so I move quickly to the rendezvous point. I am late, but I captured the image anyway.

Another couple opportunity is provided for me. This one I am much happier with.

To my left, I see a man smoking. The wind is blowing the smoke the wrong way. I do not realize that till I have developed the film. As you are learning with me, many things need to come together for a particular shot.

I arrive at Pike Place Market. A favored place with Photographers. Though it is not a weekend day, there are lots of people. Tourists always visit here. I took the image here to work on my close-focusing skills. I am using the Nikon 50mm 1:2 lens, so zone focusing is not an option.

My Street Photography is not about capturing stories, though that can happen. I am most interested in Street Portraits. Everyone is so different.

Most of the time, the subject of the shot does not notice me.

She walked right past me and never saw me.

Every person has a unique story.

Seattle is moving back to normal. Before the pandemic, young men in small groups would walk up to you and place a cd in your hands. It was a music cd of their work or of a friend. They would ask for $10 or $20.

It is time to leave the Market. I am going north again toward Seattle Center. I have 3 rolls of color film to drop off at Panda Lab, where they are located. I then walk to Glazers Camera and check out their Leica cameras. I am still not ready.

I leave Glazers and walk south back to King Street Station. It has been some time since my last shot. I have about 6 images left on the roll of film. I take the back of this young woman’s head to get going again. I am tired now, but I must finish the roll. I realize I have no portrait-mode shots.

I see Constance walking toward me, and I remedy that mistake.

Portrait Shots are more difficult for me. We are getting close to the station. I walk toward the corner, and what do I find…

A man reading something. It took me longer than usual to compose the shot. I had ideas of what I wanted, but I am not shooting digitally, so I will not capture scores of images to get the decisive moment. He never looked in my direction during the 15 or so seconds I took.

My last shot. I am across the street from the station. I will rest, have dinner, and catch the Amtrak 507 at 6:10 PM.

2 Replies to “people of seattle. 400tx@800. april 18. diafine #44.”

  1. Great storytelling. Nice to see how your mind works. The smoker’s cloud blowing the wrong way spoke volumes of catching that split second choice or the luck of the draw (excuse the pun) re: wind direction in this case. Captured expression of the guy who noticed you is a gem. And the various eyes showing and telling stories of their thoughtful nature are great. Nice day all in all I should imagine. That Leica decision still ongoing though! Made me smile. All the best.


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