olympia. fujifilm 200. mamiya 4b. april 14.

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A mild day, 58 degrees Fahrenheit. A good day for a walk with my ‘new’ rangefinder, the Mamiya 4b.

Most of the shots were shot at F8 or F11 and zone focused.

3 Replies to “olympia. fujifilm 200. mamiya 4b. april 14.”

  1. Great ‘words’ storyboard. Love the subject choices of everyday inclusions and their considered framing too. Nice to see you work the rangefinder focusing system really well. Film choice? Colours are alive. All the best.

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      1. It’s nice to see how you get great images in familiar surroundings. That is one insightful mind to possess. Travelling would be amazing with film needing careful choice to capture new found culture images. New experiences do inspire different ideas too. All the best.

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